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How do we begin to measure trust?
A barrier to growth for our client has been a lack of trust in both their commerce platforms and in their parent company more generally. As a result, there has been an increasing emphasis on understanding how trust operates in the commerce ecosystem throughout the user journey.

Understand how trust operates on our client's platform to positively transform the user experience.
Confidential - All confidential client data has been changed or removed.
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We interviewed buyers to define, compile, and understand trust signals - moments that they prioritize to gain confidence along their path to purchase. Our aim was to deliver a reference document that could be scaled across platforms and buyer relationships.
Trust signals were scored in three categories: what people are buying, who they’re buying it from, and how they’re buying it. These became our Trust Signal Pillars.
Each pillar contains a ranked list of trust signals. A smaller total number of trust signals within a pillar does not reflect less importance. It simply means the respective stage of the experience has fewer variables. Trust remains just as critical across the three pillars.
Overviews of each pillar are compiled on a dashboard for easy cross-comparison, before being detailed individually. 
Within each column, trust signals are given a weighted score, divided by necessary and secondary priority, and tagged as either product-specific, seller-specific, or generalized.
Is there anything more honest than a testimonial? We relied on customer verbatims to define trust, in their words.
The study coalesced into a prioritization framework for B2B trust signals. We used simple, friendly, memorable language to drive comprehension and retention.  
This framework will enable teams to feel confident that they can understand the attributes that matter to their users. These are the decision-making tools to design trust-focused features across commerce services.
Our client asked us to scale the B2B trust framework for two other business relationships: C2C and Shops. We replicated our methodology for a buyer-centric lens, interviewing different customers and re-ranking trust signals within each pillar.
Word on the (digital) street is that many team members printed the frameworks and posted them at their home offices for easy, repeated reference. Score.
C Space Team: Samuel Martin, Eduardo Moutinho, Brie Schwarz


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