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Consumer behavior is rapidly evolving. The companies that consumers turn to don't look the same, aren't discovered in the same ways, and have fundamentally disrupted legacy competitors.
Pull the humanity out of a complex set of multi-generational consumer data. Identify which emerging disruptors and evolving legacy companies are tomorrow's winning opportunities for our client, a leading global investment business.
Confidential - All confidential client data has been changed or removed.
Consumer Insights
Design Strategy
Visual Design
Copy Writing
When programming the learning design, we focused on identifying key similarities and differences across generations.
• Who and what influences consumers’ buying decisions?
• What values do they look for in a brand?
• What purchasing categories do they spend time or money on?
• When and where do they decide to shop and why?
• Where do they discover companies or products?
• How do they interact with companies and why?
A gif is worth a thousand jpgs. We used them wherever relevant to engage our audience and reinforce the humanity of our community members. 
Our team began by identifying behavioral patterns among generations. Generational cohorts are differentiated by color, with gradients utilized for intergenerational behaviors.
The behaviors of each generation are shaped by different functional and emotional needs, according to the influences of their times. These factors collectively define a generation's identity and behavior.
Each generation has a distinct personality and life experience. We compared common similarities and profound distinctions by focusing on specific factors: generationally defining developments as well as the electronic ecosystem of the era. Cross-referenced with the behavioral data from our community members, generational attitudes toward brands coalesced.
Along the way, we included engaging, generationally specific breadcrumbs - "Remember when you watched the moon landing?" (Baby Boomers) vs "Remember when you first logged onto the internet?" (Millennials).
Among generational patterns, common needs began to emerge. These evolved customer needs are built on consumers' expectations of companies, and influence the way both parties behave.
Remaining ahead of these emerging consumer needs requires a shift in how companies serve their customers. An audit of groundbreaking brands supplied us with industry-agnostic examples of companies that are leading the way. 
We converted promotional materials from these companies into gifs to better illustrate the brand character alongside our insights.
You don't get a pearl without a little grit. 
We gave our clients a pearl checklist to help them identify the grains of sand they should be searching for. This checklist prioritizes the company/customer relationship, brand relevance, and strategic channel presence to deliver pearl-worthiness.
EXTRA CreditS​​​​​​​
C Space Team: Samuel Martin, Erica McNamara


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