THE context
Rabbit Wine's RBT collection celebrates strong geometric volumes and utilizes bold contrast of quality materials. RBT's product line required an addition of the sommelier's knife with regard to an elevated form and enhanced experience. 
The Challenge
Elevate the waiter's corkscrew from humble tool to heirloom object.
Market Research
Concept Development
Prototyping + Testing​​​​​​​

Above: The RBT collection.
Often, a corkscrew is a last-minute purchase along with a bottle of wine in the checkout line. What might it look like to elevate the object from an afterthought to an essential?
The team aimed for heirloom status: redesigning the waiter's corkscrew as a high-end totem.
Interviewing several sommeliers, we learned a trick of the trade: there is a specific point at which a professional cuts the foil on a wine bottle. At a fine dining establishment, this allows for the foil cap to be placed on the table to hold the cork for safekeeping and later vintner identification.
This practice became part of the story informing the functionality of the product.
A foil cutter from a previous project inspired a reevaluation of the typical foldout corkscrew knife. 
Ease of use and streamlined design were the primary focus points that eventually led to the inclusion of a retractable foil cutter.
The foil cutter slides out smoothly from the body, allowing easy access to the fulcrum and corkscrew worm. The bottle opener tooth also acts as a touchpoint to assist in the raising of the lever arm. The worm is tension loaded and pops up with the fulcrum, ready for use.
RBT's take on the waiter's corkscrew was a success, leading our team to design a budget-friendly counterpart for its more familiar sister brand, Rabbit Wine.
Product Photography: Jae LimShannon Reilly


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